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How to add photos

Why am I doing this?

Because it's fun.


Add a short story if you're uploading single photos, and if it's good enough I'll use them in my next book - there may always be another book if you provide enough great material it could happen!

  1. Just create a log in;
  2. by registering (User name, password)
  3. then log in
  4. then pick the photos you want to add 
  5. make sure they are under 1MB each, and zip 'em up
  6. then select Batch Upload.
  7. If you only have a few photos select Single Image upload.

If you want to find spare parts but haven't had any luck, list it on our parts photo gallery with a message, and photo of the thing you are looking for. No one has used this yet so can't wait 'till someone does!

Just write your description and contact details, and if enough people look at the site, you may get lucky, so spread the word!

Over the years the show, Street Machine and Muscle Car Madness has certainly lived up to its name and there have definitely been some living legends attend and a couple of unliving ones as well, so I hope to bring to you some of the highlights, some of the entertainment, atmosphere and stories that will remind you why we call it Madness!

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